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So pleased to have you here with us. 


We are the terrific trio here to help you thrive as a sensitive person.


We work as a dynamic team.

Georgie is a super concious coach who channels universal energy (known as Inkebeka), and Kate mentors and guides you through the concepts and tools to help you implement change in your life.

Thank you for visiting!

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Healing and support for sensitive people just like you...

Sensitive Souls Program

This program will set you up with your own playbook for life specifically for people like you with empowering concepts and tools that you know how to integrate easily in all areas of your life so you can feel fully in charge!

Individual Sessions

Our individual sessions allow you to work 1 on 1 with Inkebeka, who can assist you in many ways. See below on how they can help you.

Free resources 

Check out Inkebeka's understandings that they wish all humans to know & our latest freebies.

"Who am I to say what is not possible?" - Inkebeka

What past clients are saying...


I always get warm fuzzy feelings whenever I spend time with Inkebeka. I’m fortunate enough that I can spend a significant amount of time with Inkebka with our sessions often covering a vast array of topics such as love, family, work and often how to rid of limiting believes to live a more joyous life. 
These sessions have helped me to realize that life is quite simple and that we are truly the authors of our own path. I now better understand that human life on earth is finite so we might as well celebrate our life every single day and just have fun with it.


Lynn, Chartered Accountant (South Africa)


Inkebeka helped me answer some unresolved questions and gave guidance when it seemed that no one would be able to. I would recommend them to anybody. After following their advice I feel the best I have felt in years and years.

Adam, Photographer (United Kingdom)

My sessions with Inkebeka have impacted me profoundly. They have handled me with such care in my difficult times, and tough love when I’ve needed it, but always in the ways that they knew would land best. I have gained a greater perspective on reality and existence and have a much deeper
understanding of my place in this grand game we call life on Earth. I will always be grateful for them steering me towards my highest joy in all things, teaching me that I am the creator of my reality, and for providing clarity to my life that was often filled with existential angst. To be at peace is the greatest privilege.


Levanya, Director (South Africa)


I have been filled with wonder through learning about Inkebeka. Georgie and Kate are so welcoming and opened with a safe space and absolutely no judgement. My energy was felt and I was gifted with some helpful guidance that I can work through. It is so interesting to learn about my personal soul journey and those involved. Ending with a guided meditation was a lovely joyful experience.  

Poppy, Investment Consultant (United Kingdom)